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Industrial Maintenance & Conveyor Belt Installations, Located in Central Florida

Industrial Plant Maintenance LLC provides a number of services, here are a few.


We provide an endless splice called vulcanized splicing. This is not a mechanical or metal splice. The vulcanized splicing eliminates the mechanical splice by removing the structures on the conveyor belt to make it an endless and seamless system.

This means there is no metal to damage pulleys, idlers or scrapers on the headstock of a conveyor belt system. This is a specialized trade that mends or vulcanizes two ends of the conveyor belt together, by doing this it prevents damage to the conveyor system components and saves our customers money in the long run by greatly reducing the need to buy replacement parts. 

Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt Mechanical Splicing

This service splices two ends of the conveyor belt together. We do this with a number of mechanical splices, a few examples are: alligator lacing, alligator clips and Flexco® 140 or 190. We recommend vulcanized splicing to prevent damage further down the road; however, this service is a cheaper alternative.

Design, Fabricate, and Install Conveyor Belt Systems

If you are having problems getting material from one point to another, our professionals can install a cost efficient conveyor belt system to save you time and money. We install any type or size of conveyor belt system that you need such as food grade, chain conveyors, rubber conveyor belt systems or under water conveyor belt systems. No application is too small or too large.